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오시는 길
Subway Line No.6 / Bus By Public Transportation
[Subway] 5 Minutes away by walk from Line no.6 Itaewon Station EXIT 2
[Blue Bus] 110A / 405B 1minute by walk at Itaewon 119 Center Station
[Airport Bus] 6030 (IP Boutique Hotel Station)
[Local Green Bus] Yongsan 01
Car By Driving Car
- From Hannam Bridge side : Straight after right turn to Hankangjin Station Side at Bukannam Three-Way Intersection
- From Banpo Bridge side : Straight after right turn at Itaewon Station after Straight road to Yongsan District Office
- From Namsan Tunnel (No.2 / No.3): Straight after left turn from Noksapyeong Station